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1. Introduction

This concerns the privacy statement of AROUNDFRIENDS BV, established and having its office in (5211VG) 's-Hertogenbosch at Boschveldweg 10. The privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data of visitors to our website, our guides, customers, (potential) clients , employees, applicants and other individuals who visit our website or interact with us.

For AROUNDFRIENDS, the protection of personal data is very important. AROUNDFRIENDS respects your privacy and ensures that your personal data is always treated confidentially and in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation. We strive to guarantee the privacy of our guides, customers, (potential) clients, employees, applicants and other persons who visit our website or have contact with us. The following principles apply:

  • we do not process more personal data than is legally permitted and only insofar as that data is necessary for the provision of the service and to comply with legal obligations (for example, with regard to the payment of taxes and premiums);
  • personal data are confidential and, on that basis, only accessible to those employees and other persons involved who need this information to be able to carry out the work;
  • we ensure proper security of personal data. This applies to both physical security (in the case of paper files) and digital security (in the case of digital files). In addition, the files are secured against data leaks to the outside;
  • we do not store the personal data longer than necessary to be able to perform our services or to comply with legal obligations.

In this privacy statement we inform you about how we handle personal data. If, after reading this privacy statement, you still have questions about how we handle personal data, if you want to make use of your rights stated in this privacy statement under the General Data Protection Regulation (β€œ GDPR ”), or other laws and regulations on personal data or if you want to make a complaint about the use of your personal data, you can contact us by e-mail: info@aroundfriends.com If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint or if you prefer not to submit your complaint to us , you can also submit this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, via the website Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.nl.

2. Processing of personal data by AROUNDFRIENDS

We process the following personal data:

  1. The data that you provide yourself and that we use for the performance of our services, including recruitment and selection of personnel, mediation , secondment, secondment, personnel administration, etc.;
  2. The data you provide to us in the context of the execution of the agreement or the preparation for it. This includes name, address, postal code, place of residence, country, telephone numbers, year of birth, e-mail address, nationality, bank account numbers and other data (depending on the nature of the agreement);
  3. The data concerning (contact) persons of the companies with which we do business and which you provide to us in the context of the implementation of agreements concluded with us or the preparation thereof, such as a purchase agreement, contract for services, agency work employment contract, employment contract, etc.
  4. Data collected when you use automated systems used within AROUNDFRIENDS, for example processing in an accounting program;
  5. The data we collect, in particular when you visit our website. This may concern data that you send to us via our website, but also data that we automatically collect via the website. This includes browser data, pages you visit, links you click, IP address data, etc.

3. Website

If you create an account on our website or contact us via the contact form, by e-mail or by telephone, we will process the data you provide. This concerns the contact details you provide to us (name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) and the reason why you are contacting us (for example because you are looking for a guide to accompany you on your future journey). We also process analytical data about (the computers of) visitors to our website, via cookies that are placed when you visit the website. More information about this can be found in our cookie statement. The data we collect about visitors to the website is only used to keep statistics about the visit to the website (for example, to see which pages are viewed the most). The data is kept anonymous.

4. Purposes of processing

Your personal data is processed by AROUNDFRIENDS for the following purposes:

  1. as an intermediary, offering a platform on which the international traveler can get acquainted with one or more guides prior to his trip so that he can then make a well-considered choice and enter into an agreement with one or more guides;
  2. the execution of the brokerage agreement concluded with you, the employment contract or the contract for services, the employment contract;
  3. conducting administration as well as other internal management activities;
  4. maintaining contact with you and responding to questions asked by you;
  5. conducting customer satisfaction surveys;
  6. improving the services of AROUNDFRIENDS;
  7. complying with legal obligations, such as the administration obligation and the retention obligation;
  8. handling any disputes arising as a result of our services;
  9. preparing and sending newsletters.

5. Legal bases for the processing of your personal data

The legal bases for the aforementioned processing purposes are as follows:

  • being able to offer as an intermediary a platform on which the international traveler can get acquainted with one or more guides prior to his trip in order to subsequently make a well-considered choice and enter into an agreement with one or more guides, the implementation of a contract concluded with you (intermediation) agreement;
  • the representation of the legitimate interests of AROUNDFRIENDS or of a third party;
  • complying with legal obligations, such as the administration obligation and the retention obligation;
  • the consent (unambiguous and specific) given by you;
  • the promotion of the legitimate interests of AROUNDFRIENDS or of a third party (art. 6 paragraph 1 sub f GDPR).

6. Explanation of legitimate interests

The aforementioned legitimate interests may lie in the following:

  • direct marketing purposes;
  • quality and training purposes;
  • improving the quality of our platform and our services.

You have the option to object to the processing of your personal data. You have a right of objection to this. You can withdraw the consent you have given at any time.

7. Mandatory provision of personal data

When we ask for your personal data, we will indicate per situation whether the provision of the data is necessary or mandatory and what the possible consequences are if the data is not provided. The starting point is always that AROUNDFRIENDS will not process more personal data than necessary for the purposes described above.

We do not provide your data to third parties, unless we are obliged to provide certain data on the basis of applicable laws and regulations, for example to the police in the context of a criminal investigation.

8. Transfer abroad

Your personal data can be processed within the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

9. Retention period

AROUNDFRIENDS stores your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and no longer than is necessary for the realization of the purposes described above, unless this data is necessary to comply with a legal retention obligation with prescribed retention periods.

10. Security of your personal data

AROUNDFRIENDS will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any unlawful form of processing. Various measures have been taken in that context, including encryption of data, encrypted communication and treatment of the data as confidential.

11. Your rights

You have various rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. We would like to list these rights for you:

1. Right of inspection
You have the right to view the data that AROUNDFRIENDS has recorded about you.

2. Correction and destruction law
You have the right to have your data changed. You also have the right to have your data destroyed, unless it is reasonably likely that further storage may be of considerable importance to someone other than you, and if a legal provision opposes destruction.

3. Right of objection
A right to object means that you can object to certain processing of your personal data due to your specific situation. You have the right with all processing that is not based on your consent, to comply with legal obligations for AROUNDFRIENDS or to protect vital interests of yourself or others.

4. Right to restriction
Under certain circumstances you also have the right to restrict the processing of your data. In short, this means that AROUNDFRIENDS "temporarily" freezes the processing of your data. You can invoke this right in four situations:

  • pending the assessment of a correction request;
  • if data should actually be deleted where you do not want it deleted;
  • if AROUNDFRIENDS no longer needs the data, while you do need the data to prepare for a lawsuit;
  • pending the assessment of an objection.

5. Data portability
You have the right to receive (back) data provided by you to AROUNDFRIENDS in a common file format. This right only applies to the personal data that we process on the basis of your consent or an agreement concluded with you. Moreover, the right only applies to the data that we already process in digital form (so not to "paper" processing). You are free to subsequently pass on the data to another party.

6. Withdraw consent
For the data described above, we process your data on the basis of your consent. You have the right to withdraw consent once given at any time . We will then discontinue the processing as soon as possible. Withdrawal of consent has no retroactive effect. All processing that has already taken place therefore remains lawful.

12. Terms

In principle, we will answer your questions/requests within four weeks of submitting the request. If it takes more time to answer your question/request, we will inform you within four weeks.

13. Amendments

Sometimes things may change in the personal data we process or the applicable regulations. In that case, we can adjust this privacy statement. In the event of major changes, we will post a notification on the website and inform you of the change by e-mail.

14. Contact details

If you have any questions about this privacy statement , our privacy policy or if you want to invoke one of your legal rights, you can of course contact us.

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