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Amsterdam by bike

Amsterdam is the city of bicycles. Everywhere you look you see cyclists, there is even a bicycle path running underneath the Rijksmuseum. Dutch children learn to ride a bike at an early age, the bike is one of the most important means of transport in the Netherlands. Especially in a large, busy city like Amsterdam, where a car can quickly become inconvenient. Getting around Amsterdam by bicycle is the most efficient way to get from one place to another. There are several places in Amsterdam where you can rent a bike and explore the city by the many cycling routes. But of course, it is way more fun to do a guided bike tour to let you in on the city’s best kept secrets. Getting around Amsterdam by bike is not entirely without risks. Watch out for other cyclists, cars, buses and streetcars. Please note that traffic coming from the right has priority on the road. Do not enter the streetcar rails with your wheels and watch out for pedestrians who step onto the bike lane without looking. Make sure you have front and rear lights on your bike in the dark.

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